Hello every one

I love glowing things!!! πŸ˜€ Do you?

here are some pictures πŸ˜€


Hey Every one.

It is Easter soon!!!!!!!!! Who is celebrating Easter I would be but I am going a way like most of you know.

Easter is one of the most popular holiday. Who gets lots of chocolate? I do πŸ˜€ I don’t like chocolate that much but hey chocolate is chocolate.

Who has seen the movie “HOP” it is about the Easter bunny It is the best I saw it πŸ˜€

Bye Mustang πŸ˜€

Pass The Ball

Hey Guys

It is me Mustang here to tell you about this new game.

My good mate Harry ( and my self create this new game, it is called Pass The Ball.

What you need.

It is simple you need 2 people, Of course. A trampoline and 1 ball (any ball it can be a basketball, soccer ball, net ball so any thing you want)

Her are the steps of the game.

1.When you are both on the tramp and one of the two people playing has the ball you start to bounce, then you do normal passes to each other.

2. when you reach 5 you through the ball higher.

3. when you reach 10 you through the ball low.

4. when you reach 20 you do funny throughs ( but the still have to be cacheable)

5. when you get to 30 jump through in the air and pass then land on your knees.

6. then when you get 40 (if you get there) you have to spin around.

7. when you get 50 you have to through it with no jumping you jut through it normaly and the first one to drop it loses.

So that the game. Go out and give it a go

Bye Mustang πŸ˜€


Hey guy’s

The holidays are heading our way. In three weeks it is holidays. So what are you doing in the holidays? I am going to Abu Dhabi, Dubai & Singapore. It is going to be great. we are going to Ferrari world, the biggest building in the world & we are staying at some of the best hotels in the world, one of them is in the top 5 hotels. It is going to be great. Hope to hear from you soon

Bye Mustang πŸ™‚


Hey guys

I did SAPSASA Lacrosse today (Thursday) It was so much fun.

We won 1 game but lost 2 but is was close.

The scores were, 1st game we lost by 1 point, 2nd game we won 3 nil & the 3rd game we lost by 2.P1160608

here are some photos from the day.P1160618


Hey guys

We had aquatics this week. It was so much fun, so if you could pick one out of:

Weak skiing

Boggie boarding




Beach games

which one would you choose. I did Canoeing, Boogie boarding, beach games & snorkelling. my favourite activity was snorkelling. Β πŸ™‚


Thanks Bye


New year

Hey guys school back man!!

I can not wait to get started on all the subjects. I am a year 7 this year what year are you dudes in this year. I all so can not wait for it to be over because I will be going to HIGH SCHOOL I am going to west minster what high school are you dudes going to.

Hope you guys like the blog so far.

Bye Mustang

Ferrari Day November 2010

Hey Every one

Sunday (14/11/10) I got to sit in a Ferrari california & a Ferrari 380 I could of Β sat in a 430 but it was locked but I still got to sit in 2 so I think I a very lucky.

What is the best car you have got in & sat in.

I know MM it would be the aston or the R8 am I right MM.

Bye Mustanglrg_article_14465-img_0